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Being a new mom is the most rewarding aspect of life but it can be hard. You may not know where to go for advice. Come visit our blog for tons of tips from mom's just like you!

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  • Finding Clothes to fit your Pregnant Shape

    Author’s bio: Kristen Hurst is a mother of three and determined fashionista even when pregnant or nursing which is mainly why she enjoys writing for Seraphine Maternity. Kristen has a degree in fashion marketing and spends her free time blogging about…you guessed it, fashion. You’re not the only one who has entire weeks where your […]

  • Teaching your Kids about Science


    As an individual who studied humanities in college, I will admit I am not a huge science person. That is in no way to say there isn’t some really cool things about science. Perhaps if I had been more exposed to science when I was younger I might have a greater appreciation for it today. […]

  • Finding Great Activities For Your Kids


    Notwithstanding that school is out for the year, one of the most amazing provokes you might confront as a guardian is finding enough kids’ activities for them to take part in. It doesn’t make a difference how old your youngsters are, you need to find occasions and programs that will keep your kids captivated and […]